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Nov 2019

Episode 3 - Marc Edworthy

He doesn't introduce himself as a promotion specialist, but maybe he should! Marc Edworthy joins the RamsTV Podcast to reflect on why a south-coast boy settled in Derby, his passion for cycling, and life as a club ambassador!

 Stay tuned for tales of Michael Johnson’s all-weather socks, the time that big Darren Moore cried, late-night cocktail stick attacks, and Peter Crouch in a taxi!

Oct 2019

Episode 2 - Colin Gibson

To some, he is the voice of Derby County. After covering the Rams for the better part of 30 years for BBC Radio Derby, Colin Gibson is now a presenter at RamsTV.

Joining Owen Bradley to reflect on his decades as a supporter, reporter and presenter, ‘Gibbo’ talks about some of the players and managers he has known, his journey in broadcasting, and how the game and industry has changed.


Oct 2019

Episode 1 - Shane Nicholson

A former Derby defender with an inspirational story, Shane Nicholson is our guest for episode one of the RamsTV Podcast. 

He discusses his journey into broadcasting, dealing with criticism as a player and a pundit, and explains why honesty behind the microphone is so important. 

Shane also talks about his other passions in life: fitness, family, his faith, and the Fonz! 

Aug 2019

The RamsTV Podcast Teaser

Welcome to the RamsTV Podcast.

This episode is a taster of what's to come in the next few episodes, giving you a glimpse of life within Derby County Football Club, including some fascinating stories that have never been aired before.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.